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news  4th November 2019

Pub Offers & Promotions That Really Work 

Are you looking to drive more traffic to your pub? While every pub has its loyal regulars, you may need to go further to get more customers in the door and keep them there, especially on quiet nights or during slow seasons.

Special offers and promotions to attract new customers and encourage more sales can definitely work for your pub, but you need to make sure you're choosing effective offers that convey value (but not cheapness) to your customers. You want to offer something special that really increases your trade and your customer loyalty. Here are a few of our favourite offers and promotions for pubs:

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news  18th September 2019

The Cashless Pub: Is It Right For You?

From supermarkets to corner shops people are increasingly making contactless payments using their phones, watches and smart cards. It's probably the same in your pub, but what would happen if you made contactless the only option - what would happen if you went cashless?

Let's get into the pros and cons of a cashless pub.

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news  30th August 2019

Maximising Trade From Sport at Your Pub

The Premier League is underway and with 32 extra matches to be broadcast live this year it's a good time to focus on getting more sports fans into your pub (and keeping them happy once they're in).

This article looks at how you can make your pub appeal to sports fans and maximise the uplift in revenue this can bring with it.

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news  2nd August 2019

Preparing Your Pub for Brexit

No one knows what Brexit will mean for the UK as a whole, let alone pubs. We don’t know if we will leave with or without a deal, and we don’t really know what either of these will mean anyway!

It might seem impossible to prepare for so many unknowns, but it doesn’t do any harm to make sure you’re ready in case some of the more negative scenarios play out.

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news  24th July 2019

Automated Bookkeeping for Pubs

Automating your bookkeeping not only saves you time & money, but also gives you an up to date and accurate view of how your pub or group is performing. This article explains how to get started.

Running a pub is already more than a full time job, so many publicans understandably pass the task of bookkeeping onto a professional bookkeeper or accountant. Whilst this does push aside a painful activity it can often mean high accountancy fees and poor visibility of how your pub is performing.

Automating the bookkeeping process can dramatically cut your fees and provide you with an accurate, up to the minute view of the profitability of your bar. This can give you confidence that your business is on track, and alert you more quickly to issues that need attention or potential improvements that could increase your profitability.

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news  20th March 2019

Pub EPOS Systems - Cloud vs Onsite

One of the biggest decisions you will need to make if you are looking for a new pub EPOS system is whether to go for a traditional till system with the server built in, (or based onsite), or one of the newer cloud-based pub EPOS systems.

This article talks through the main differences between these two options to help you make an informed decision.

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news  1st November 2018

Can You Afford Not to Have a Pub EPOS System?

A well-designed pub EPOS system can perform many of the duties of a disciplined staff member for a fraction of the cost. 

I don’t make this claim in any way to devalue your staff, as there are, and always will be, so many jobs that they can do far better than technology. 

However, in this modern age, there are some jobs that technology can do better than people. Conveniently, these also tend to be the jobs that people don’t like doing!

So if a pub EPOS system can take away some of your worst jobs, do them better, and at a lower cost, can you afford not to have one?

Let’s look at some of the jobs your EPOS can either do, or help with.

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news  27th September 2018

How Much Does a Self-serve Beer System Cost?

When considering new ideas to help drive sales in your pub, the cost to implement these is clearly an important factor. We make the pricing on our website as clear as possible so you can make an informed decision about any of our products. 

If you’re looking for an epos system, for example, you can easily find both the hardware and license & support costs of BarTab EPOS.  However, if you’re looking for a self-serve beer system it’s not so straightforward. This isn’t because we are trying to hide costs, just that there are many more variables to consider.

This article intends to plug this gap and make it as clear as possible what the cost of your self-serve beer system will be.

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news  30th August 2018

5 Ways a Pub EPOS Can Free Up Your Time

One of the biggest challenges of running a pub is finding the time to juggle the many different tasks involved. This article looks at how a good pub EPOS system can help you do more in less time. Who knows, you may even be able to take a day off!

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news  25th May 2018

Self Serve Beer – How Does it Work?

There are a few different self-serve beer systems available, but all share many commonalities in how they work. This article explains how self-serve beer taps work from both a technical (but not too technical) perspective and also from a staff and customer viewpoint.

If you are looking to purchase a self-serve beer system, this article will help you understand what you will be getting and how it will work.

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news  13th April 2018

Using Your Pub EPOS for Stock Control 

This article offers some guidance on how to use your pub EPOS system to manage your stock.

Good stock control is essential for any pub wanting to both protect and maximise profits. 

As all of your sales go through your till it makes sense to use this data to track your stock. Doing so can give you an accurate view of the gross profit you’re achieving and alert you to any stock deficits that could be hitting your bottom line.

Accurate stock tracking on your EPOS can also reduce or remove external stock taking costs, and even cut down the time spent placing orders by having your POS System calculate what you need.

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news  22nd March 2018

EPOS Systems for Pubs with Rooms

If you run a small hotel or a pub with rooms, using the right EPOS can you save time, and help ensure your guests have a positive experience. 

This article looks at some features EPOS systems for pubs with rooms should have, that you may find useful to help manage your rooms and guests.

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news  12th March 2018

iPad Menus or Smartphone Ordering?

These days everything is available on-demand. From the latest TV series on Netflix to a last minute order on Amazon Now, consumers are used to getting what they want the minute they want it.

Pubs are beginning to realise this and respond by offering their customers a more on-demand experience. This article weighs up two methods of achieving this – iPad menus offered in venue, or smartphone ordering apps on customers own phones.

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news  22nd January 2018

Why Pay Ongoing Fees for an EPOS?

Not so long ago many pubs would rely on a mechanical till or basic Point of Sale (POS) system that involved an upfront payment and then nothing more.

Now it’s becoming more common to purchase an Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) via a monthly or annual license fee. So why the change, and what do you get for this ongoing cost?

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news  10th January 2018

Self Serve Beer - Is it Legal?

This article should serve as a useful guide for anyone considering purchasing a self-service beer system for use in the UK

Self-serve beer can be a great way to make your pub or bar stand out from the crowd. Customers love pouring their own beer, and tend to spend more and stay longer when they don't have to keep queuing at the bar.

You can read an overview of self-serve beer, the various options, and potential benefits, in our recent article on self-service in pubs. In this article, we focus on the legality of self-serve beer and what you need to be aware of if you are considering introducing self-serve beer in the UK.

In the UK there are two sets of regulations that need satisfying in respect of any self-serve beer installation. We’ll address each in turn.

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news  12th December 2017

Best EPOS System for a Pub – Key criteria

This article will look at some of the key features any contender for the best pub EPOS system should have.


The best EPOS system for a pub will depend largely on the individual pub. If you’re in the search for an EPOS the more important question is probably what is the best EPOS system for your pub, which we wrote about recently.

But back to the topic of this article, there are some key areas we believe any contender for this title should cover.

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news  24th November 2017

The Benefits of Cloud Technology

As well as developing our own cloud EPOS and self-service apps, we use cloud software ourselves in many aspects of our business.

There are many articles that cover the benefits of cloud technology in a broad sense, but in this article, I focus on what we see are the most relevant practical benefits to small businesses like pubs and bars.

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news  13th November 2017

Finding the Right EPOS for your Pub

Following the steps in this article will help make sure your next EPOS meets the current and future needs of your business.


Taking a planned approach to selecting your next pub EPOS system can save you hours of time and ensure you end up with the right system.

We find many people jump into a free trial without first checking that their key feature needs are met. Free trials are great, but they require an investment of time, so before embarking on one it's good to make sure the system you're trialing meets your needs.

By following the below steps you can make sure you find the EPOS that’s right for your venue without wasting valuable time on systems that never will be.

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news  30th October 2017

Guide to Self-service in Pubs & Bars

If you’re considering introducing self-service to your venue, it helps to understand the various options and pros and cons of each. Some styles of self-service will suit certain outlets more than others, and some are just better serving customers the traditional way.

It's good to start with a clear idea of why you want to introduce self-service and what you intend to gain from it. Potential benefits are increased footfall, higher spend per head, and improved customer experience. However, these benefits are not guaranteed. Realising them involves selecting the right type of self-service for your venue and correctly accounting for your expected demand. Then you need to follow the best operating procedures to get the most out of your self-service system.

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news  11th October 2017

What is a Cloud EPOS?

The arrival of cloud EPOS has completely changed the process of purchasing a POS system.

The traditional process went something like this: Compare a few complex quotes for various hardware and software modules, arrange some sales demos, and select your preferred system. Then schedule a day for installation and training, before finally getting to use your new EPOS – and hope you still find it does what you need!

With cloud EPOS you can now start a trial, download an app, and try out a potential new EPOS in minutes. If it doesn’t do what you need you can try another one.

But how does this work? And, if you decide to purchase and start using a cloud EPOS, what do you need?

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news  2nd October 2017

Selecting an EPOS – The Importance of Flexibility

Choosing a new pub EPOS system is a big decision that it is important to get right. It is also hard to find the time to research systems whilst running a busy pub.

It helps to focus first on the most important factors. Being operators ourselves, and having developed an EPOS system for pubs & bars we have a good understanding of what these are. In this article we look at one key aspect to look for – flexibility.

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news  12th July 2017

The Thirsty Bear named finalist in The Great British Pub Awards Best Sports Pub!

The Thirsty Bear has been named one of 6 national finalists in The Great British Pub Awards, Best Sports Pub category.

With TableTab iPad menus and PourTab self serve beer taps, sports fans at The Thirsty Bear don’t need to miss a minute of the match to order their food or drink. While pub-goers around the country face the agonising decision of missing the match or waiting to join the dreaded half time bar queue, at The Thirsty Bear they just keep their eyes on the action while pouring their own beer, or tapping their iPad to order anything they need.

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