EPOS Systems for Pubs with Rooms

If you run a small hotel or a pub with rooms, using the right EPOS can you save time, and help ensure your guests have a positive experience. 

This article looks at some features EPOS systems for pubs with rooms should have, that you may find useful to help manage your rooms and guests.

You will no doubt have many other specific requirements relevant to your operation and we suggest an approach to making sure these are met in our article, finding the right epos for your pub.


Room tabs

Most pub EPOS systems will cater for running tabs, but if you allow guests to put orders on their room bill you’ll want to have the ability to retain a tab across multiple days, so that guests can add items during their stay and be presented with their final bill when they check out. This means your EPOS needs to be able to roll forward room bill sales to the next day when you close down and not expect payment for these items when you cash up. 


Integration with a hotel management system

A hotel management system can be a great way to improve your visibility across multiple booking sites. It can also save you valuable time managing your listings, rooms, and guest stays.

To maximise the time saving you’ll want your hotel management system to be able to connect to your EPOS. In this way, tabs can be opened for guests automatically on check-in and any purchases they make can be synced back to the hotel management system for payment of the final bill.

There are many many hotel management systems available and Capterra gives a good roundup here.

BarTab EPOS integrates with Cloudbeds, which connects to hundreds of booking sites such as booking.com and Expedia, as well offering a widget for commission free bookings from your website or Facebook.


Flexible product pricing


As you’re likely to sell rooms at different rates on different days you’ll need to make sure your pub EPOS system can handle flexible pricing. This may be a number of different price levels for each room or a completely open price you can enter at the time of the transaction.


Room service options

Smartphone menu in hotel room
Boost your room service sales by offering smartphone or iPad menu ordering. You could offer an iPad in each room for guests to order from, or enable guests to order using their own phones. Our recent article, iPad Menus or Smartphone Ordering, gives a review of the relative merits of each.


If you would like to know more about how BarTab EPOS can help you run your hotel or pub with rooms, contact one of our team who will be happy to help.


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