Selecting an EPOS – The Importance of Flexibility

Choosing a new pub EPOS system is a big decision that it is important to get right. It is also hard to find the time to research systems whilst running a busy pub.

It helps to focus first on the most important factors. Being operators ourselves, and having developed an EPOS system for pubs & bars we have a good understanding of what these are. In this article, we look at one key aspect to look for – flexibility.

Speaking to owners and operators day in day out we can confidently say that every pub or bar is different. How you choose to run your bar will be different to the pub down the street. You need a bar EPOS system that recognises and accounts for these differences. This means looking for a few things:

Customisation Options


There should be a good number of customisable options which will allow you to tweak the EPOS set up, making sure it's right for you and the way you operate.

Do staff taking orders prepare their own drinks?  Do you need to queue these orders to another terminal or printer? Do you always give receipts or only on request?

These are just a few examples of options that will be different site by site.

Of course, not everything you need will necessarily be a configurable option – which leads into the next point.

Flexible Design

Flexible Design

The design of the system should be flexible enough to allow for reasonably quick and easy changes. You're unlikely to think of everything you need from your POS until you're up and running, and your needs and wants will change over time.

Not all of your requests may be possible, but if not you at least want your EPOS provider to help you achieve them as best as they can – this leads onto the final aspect to look for in a flexible pub EPOS system.

Willingness to Adapt

Willingness to adapt

Of equal, if not higher importance to a flexible design, is a flexible approach.

With some time and effort spent understanding your needs, there will be a solution for most requests. When you choose a pub EPOS system, you should not just be assessing the product but the people behind it. You are selecting people who will be instrumental in delivering your current and future needs. Make sure they have both the know-how and willingness to work with you on solutions to the challenges you will face.

An EPOS should be a long-term purchase that will grow and adapt with you and your business. If your needs and requirements are not being listened to and worked on, look elsewhere. Remember you are looking for a long-term partner, not just a supplier.

If you're looking for a new EPOS for your pub or bar contact us to let us know your requirements and see if we can help meet them.


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