5 Technologies to Boost your Pub Profits in 2019

A new year is a good time to reflect and look ahead at what you could do differently in the year ahead. This article looks at 5 technologies that could boost the profits of your pub in 2019.


Cloud EPOS

BarTab Cloud EPOS System

Whilst cloud-based apps and technologies are becoming common in our day-to-day lives (iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive being the most well known), many pubs are still working with old-fashioned, hardware-based till systems.

We’ve written about the broader benefits of cloud technology and some of the financial benefits of a cloud EPOS system before, so I’ll just outline the key benefits here:

•    Cheaper, re-usable hardware
•    Access your data from anywhere
•    Always on the latest software without the need for expensive upgrades
•    Easy to try out new products without committing large sums of money
•    Easy to switch to a new provider if you’re not happy

To understand what a cloud EPOS is and how it differs from the more traditional hardware-based till systems see our article, what is a cloud EPOS.


If you’d like to consider BarTab EPOS for your pub or bar, just get in touch with our team to discuss your needs or arrange for a free trial.


Staff Scheduling Systems

Woman using Deputy staff scheduling system on a laptop

Staffing is one of a pub’s biggest variable costs. Getting your staff levels right leads to quick service, happy customers, and motivated staff. Getting them wrong leads to stressed staff and walkouts, or bored staff and a wage bill that can’t be paid.

Staff-scheduling systems help you align your staff rota with your sales trends and see up front if your wage % for the coming week looks to be an issue.

At the simplest end of scale this can mean entering your own sales forecasts, and seeing your resultant wage % on a daily basis and for the week overall. At the other end are fully automated hour by hour sales forecasts taking into account historic sales, big events and seasonality, and a rota that is effectively planned for you

If you’re looking for a simple staff scheduling system, a good pub EPOS system, such as BarTab, may cover what you need. If you’re looking for intelligent sales forecasts, a dedicated employee app, and integration with Payroll it’s worth trying out Deputy, which BarTab EPOS integrates with.


Cloud Accounting

Man using Xero cloud accounting on an iPad

Similarly to cloud EPOS, many pubs & bars are yet to grasp the enormous benefits that moving to a good cloud accounting platform can bring. Having a real-time view of how your business is performing, right down to your bottom line, is invaluable for identifying and resolving issues early. 

With a cloud accounting package you can see your profit and loss for any period right up to the current day. An integrated EPOS ensures your sales are always up to date and then a bookkeeping add on, like Receipt Bank will load in your bills automatically.

If you’re still waiting on management accounts months after the period has ended, 2019 would be a good time to look at moving to the cloud.

We recommend Xero, which BarTab EPOS integrates with, and our team are happy to help with any questions about getting set up with Xero, Receipt Bank, and BarTab..


Mobile Ordering

Wetherspoon’s Order & Pay app has led to a much broader awareness of mobile ordering. But other pubs and bars can also take advantage of this technology, without the need to develop an expensive app.

A handful of POS providers are now offering mobile ordering apps that tie into their EPOS. Our MemberTab app is one example, which enables customers to order from their phones with orders sent straight to a BarTab EPOS iPad.

Mobile ordering is a cost-effective way to offer table service, with no need for staff to visit tables to take orders, or even key them into the till. Customers tend to stay longer, and order more, when ordering from a phone or tablet.


Self Serve Beer

Customers pouring beer from a self-service beer tap

If you’re looking for something different to drive sales in 2019 you could consider self-serve beer. Customers love pouring their own beer, and the concept is still rare enough in the UK that it can really put a venue on the map.

We’ve written about the different types of self-serve beer available in our Guide to self-service in pubs & bars.


To find out more about any of the above technologies, just drop us an email or give us a call and our team will be happy to help. In the meantime we wish you all a happy and profitable New Year!


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