Mojo Bar

“Absolute pleasure to deal with a company that’s responsive and has a product that does what it says on the tin”, Martin Greenhow, CEO


Mojo is an independent, fast growing chain of cocktail bars, with a focus on great music and good times.

Early in 2017 with 4 sites already operating and another soon to open, CEO Martin Greenhow was struggling to find an EPOS system that met his needs - smooth efficient service front of house, with reliable controls and rich data back of house.

Martin was keen on a tablet-based cloud EPOS solution both to avoid expensive hardware that would be costly to replace, and to have an always up to date system with the latest features available.

Having used more than 6 different EPOS systems across his sites, and trialed many more, Martin and his team had been unable to find one that truly met the needs of a bar.

Issues ranged from stock tracking not catering for drinks measures or simply “not adding up”, one-size-fits-all reports that weren’t relevant to the industry, difficulty managing recipes, general slowness, and availability of knowledgeable support.

Martin also had various customisation requirements, but hadn’t got as far as discussing them with any of the suppliers, as he was unable to get simple requests turned around.

When PJ, manager of Martin’s Liverpool bar, came across BarTab, an EPOS specifically designed for bars, he proposed this to Martin and was given the green light to give it a shot.

PJ worked with Tabology to implement BarTab at Mojo Liverpool. The first benefits noticed were the ease of setting up products and the speed of service front of house. Back office reports were industry-focused, real-time, and accurate. Further along it was clear that BarTab’s stock tracking was designed to handle the complexities of food and liquor so could track stock accurately too. When help was needed support was responsive and knowledgeable.

Following the success of the trial at Mojo Liverpool, Martin made the call to roll out the remaining sites. Harrogate was soon to open and Martin had plans for opening night to donate all profits until midnight to charity. After an initial discussion, Tabology were able to make some changes to handle and track the charity donations and to integrate with Mojo’s digital signage provider, Signstix to show the total donation in real-time as the night progressed.

“It’s great to be able to speak to someone who understands our problems and can recommend solutions”


This experience gave Martin the confidence to discuss further ideas with Tabology and found it a welcome change, noting, “It’s great to be able to speak to someone who understands our problems and can recommend solutions”.

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