rMember: The Self-Service App

rMember revolutionises the way pubs and licensed venues do business.

Available on Android or iOS, rMember allows regular customers to manage and top up pre-paid account balances on their phones.

The easy-to-use app allows licensees to monitor customer spending habits and send targeted marketing campaigns to their phones.

Members can fund their accounts using a credit card or Apple Pay, manage their expenditure, rate their favourite products on Untappd.com and receive rewards for regular top ups or visits.

rMember reduces queues, drives up revenues and cash flow and increases efficiency, while offering licensees a host of other strategic advantages to equip them for business in the 21st century.


Using data gathered on customer preferences and spending habits, rMember allows you to target promotions to those most likely to respond.

And by offering members incentives for regular visits, top-ups or high spends through the app, you can build customer loyalty and drive repeat visits.

Member balances can be spent across multiple branded venues, and the app can even be used to promote events and sell merchandise or tickets.


Pre-paid balances significantly improve cash flow by generating payment prior to sale.

Using incentives to encourage regular top-ups, you will enjoy a regular flow of surplus cash to help facilitate the smooth running of your venue.


Our EPOS, rBar and rWall self-service technology has already removed the need for customers to order food and drink at the bar. rMember removes the final reason to queue – paying the bill.

By allowing members to top-up pre-paid balances directly from their phones, rMember users can enjoy a night of hospitality without ever having to to queue at the bar, saving time for them and staff.

No matter how busy your venue gets, rMembers will always be served at the touch of a button. Meaning lengthy queues will be a thing of the past.

You also won’t have to hold customer cards behind the bar, removing the risk of cards being declined and concerns over data compliance.


With rMember, you’ll know who your customers are, what they buy and when.

Recording customer details and information on all purchases, rMember’s reporting function allows you to gather valuable data on customer preferences and spending habits, which you can then use to tailor targeted marketing campaigns and promotions to send directly to those most likely to respond.


Want to know what customers really think about your product range?

rMember allows users to rate their favourite drinks and links the results to Untappd.com, helping you keep abreast of what is working and what isn’t at your venue.


rMember gives you a direct channel through which to communicate with members by sending targeted marketing, special offers and notifications directly to their phones. Members can use their balances to purchase events tickets, merchandise or anything else you wish to promote via the app.

The app can be customised to your own branding and also links to social media, creating a member- generated buzz around your venue.

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Robot Pub Group
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